I Want to be Like You: Monkeys Acting Like Kids (Video)

I Want to be Like You: Monkeys Acting Like Kids (Video)If you have never watched (or had your kids watch) Disney’s The Jungle Book, go do that right after you watch this video.  It’s an awesome movie with great music.  Here is the link to the song that should be running through your head when you watch the fun monkey video I have attached below.  You probably should consider opening a separate tab and letting it play while you watch, that would be perfect.

Anyhoo, this video of monkeys cannonballing into the water shows that monkeys like having fun the same way kids do!  The difference here is that none of the monkeys are crying or yelling at each other “it’s not your turn” or “no fair, I was next,” so really, maybe kids should try to be a little more like monkeys.



Featured Image is from Disney’s The Jungle Book Movie.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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