If You Want to Be Rich, it Pays to be a Dog

You can see that this dog is not affected by his moneyed lifestyle. The cat, however, looks a little shady. He might even be plotting to take control of the family’s money.

You would think fancy rich people would like cats better than dogs, since cats have (fairly or not) the reputation for being more snooty and aloof.  And, everyone knows that’s the way millionaires are – snooty and aloof.  Okay, maybe rich people are really not like that.  But, it turns out, they really do prefer dogs to cats.

Of the millionaires surveyed, 58% had dogs and only 37% had cats.  That’s a way greater difference in preference than the general population.  In more average households 39% have dogs and 33% have cats.  You can check out what one millionaire dog owner had to say about that here.

The overall feeling is that a dog’s love is more unconditional than a cat’s.   A dog loves you no matter what – whether or not you have money.  Rich people sometimes have a hard time finding other people who are like that and appreciate it in their pets.  Sadly for cats, they are seen as being a little more judgmental.  I am not exactly sure how a cat would know if you are rich or not.  They are pretty smart, so I guess it’s possible.

Bottom line: if cats want to get adopted into well-to-do families, they need to hire a good PR person.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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