I’m Jealous That My Cat Sleeps All Day

catYou know when 3 in the afternoon hits and you’re doing all you can not to fall asleep only to turn your head and see your cat sleeping away? That is what just happened to me now — and every day past and probably going forward as well.

It just seems to be a trait that cats have — a carefree world where they sleep when they want, where they want and they do so. All day. I know it’s normal and not just Ariel being lazy or bored and according to PetMD, cats sleep on average 15 hours a day — with some sleeping up to 20 hours a day.

Could you imagine?

Not only would I get nothing done, but I would also avoid this 3-in-the-afternoon “I really want to sleep” dance that I seem to do every day. Right now, if I could sleep for even 8 hours a night I would be gold. Even more so if I could take any amount of nap during the day. I blame it on the growing uterine inhabitant (baby #4 on the way), but you know what’s not making it any easier?

Turning my head and seeing Ariel sleeping away. Looking comfortable and adorable and peaceful. I just want a little bit of that happy, perfect sleep. Is that too much to ask?

:: How much would you guess your cat sleeps in one day? ::

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness | Accustomed Chaos


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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