Incredibly Sweet: British Paddle Boarder Rescues Shih Tzu Stuck At Sea Minutes Before Tide Hits (Video)

Incredibly Sweet: Brit Paddle Boarder Rescues Shih Tzu Stuck At Sea Minutes Before Tide Hits (Video) via Babble
Charlie Head and Bam Bam

Some stories just reaffirm your belief in mankind and the goodness of people… this is surely one of them.

Paddle boarder Charlie Head noticed that something small was moving along the rocks in England’s North Sea. As he got closer, he realized it was a dog and knew there was limited time to rescue the cold, wet pup before the tide came in.

Head took a diversion on his trip from Cornwall to London, in preparation of a 3,000-mile cross Atlantic journey, and paddled as fast as he could to get to the frightened dog, later named Bam Bam.

When Head got close to Bam Bam, the dog became nervous and tried to jump away but Head secured the dog and he paddled back to shore.

Head narrated the video while trying to calm down Bam Bam:

‘He just sat there like a little dude, wondering what the hell to do. He definitely needs a rescue. It’s alright dude…it’s OK, it’s OK.”

Once on land, Head took the dog to an animal warden where they are now trying to find his owner.

Apparently the tide was just minutes away at which point the rocks where Bam Bam was stranded on would have been immersed in water.

Hats off to Charlie Head!

Check out the endearing video:

Image: Dog Heirs


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