Injustice! Obie The Obese Dachshund Ordered To Be Returned To Shelter Owner

Injustice! Obie The Dachshund Ordered To Be Returned To Original Owner via Babble
Nora Vanatta and adorable Obie

If you remember the story of Obie, the 5-year-old dachshund who was rescued by Portland resident Nora Vanatta when it was discovered that he was basically being fed to death by his elderly owners, you recall how tenderly Vanatta took Obie into her home. You probably also remember how much Vanatta tried to help the pudgy pup’s plight with his weight, which had reached a critical point. Vandatta even started a Facebook page and took donations to help care for Obie.

But just yesterday, Vanatta alerted the many fans of the darling dachshund that she has been ordered by law to return Obie to shelter owner Jenell Rangan, and that she must appear in court on Monday morning.

In an open letter on Obie’s Facebook page, Vanatta writes the following:

Jenell Rangan, owner of ODR is now demanding that I give Obie to her and actually deliver him to her lawyer’s office. I must appear in court Monday morning (Washington County at 9am). She is claiming that Obie belongs to her, that I am misusing funds, and not providing proper veterinary care.

Read the full letter here.

In the short time that Vanatta has taken care of him, he has started a high protein diet and modest exercise, and as a result has gone from 77 pounds down to 62. He is getting more energy and stamina and has general adjusted wonderfully to his new life with Vanatta and her family. She claims that since he has now reached a level of recognition of sorts, Rangan wants him back to capitalize on his newfound fame.

The terribly sad part of all of this is that Obie needs Vanatta to continue caring for him and restore him back to health. If Rangan admitted she could not take care of Obie in the very beginning, why would a judge allow her to have him back?

A petition entitled, “Jenell Rangan: Stop fighting to take Obie away from his home!”  has been created and already has close to 10,000 signatures as all those who have supported Obie and Vanatta continue to do so, and believe that Obie belongs with Vandatta. Obie’s Facebook page, Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition, currently has more than 65,000 fans and many of them have taken to Twitter and other social networks to spread the word about Obie and rally for Vanatta to keep him.

We will keep you updated.

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