Is This Thing On? Husky Puppy Tests Out His Howl

Random husky puppies. Image Credit: Flickr/txdiverdoug

The wolf lives close to the bones of most dogs, even those that have been bred so far from the wolf that they are nearly unrecognizable as the same species. You need look no further than this video of a pomeranian puppy howling with a wolf recording to see it.

But some breeds live closer to the wolf than others, and Huskies definitely fall into that category. They still have the thick coat, the very wolf-like markings (all those wolves you see in movies you know, before CGI ruined everything are usually huskies or husky mixes), and most of all, the tendency to vocalize with gusto.

And apparently, that vocalization starts pretty early! Here’s a teeny puppy his ears and eyes aren’t even fully opened! howling his wittle heart out.

Um, might want to keep the volume low. This pup’s got pipes!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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