It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s 14 Cats Levitating

I may be one of the biggest cat lovers you’ve ever met  and I don’t understand how anyone can not be as obsessed with them as I am. I’ve had one or more as a part of my family for nearly all my life and I am still learning some awesome things about them — because they just have so much going for them.

I mean, show me a dog who can land on their feet or can attack a flashing light as humorously as a cat can. You can’t — because cats are just that awesome and more. Cats have this magic about them that can make all your troubles go away with one brush against you and they have also mastered some pretty intricate skills — like levitation. Show me a dog who can do this!

Click through to see 14 photos of magic cats who’ve mastered the art of levitation:

  • Impressive Height 1 of 14
    Impressive Height
    Female cats tend to be right pawed and male cats are more often left pawed.
    Fact source: Random History
    Photo credit: hosted by matryosha on Flickr
  • Karate Time 2 of 14
    Karate Time
    Some cats have survived falls of over 65 feet (20 meters), due largely to their "righting reflex."
    Fact source: Random History
    Photo credit: hosted by nic_r on Flickr
  • I Will .. Get You! 3 of 14
    I Will .. Get You!
    Some cats can jump up to five times their own height in just one jump.
    Fact source: Mother Nature Network
    Photo credit: hosted by yoppy on Flickr
  • And Tesco is Off 4 of 14
    And Tesco is Off
    A domesticated can can run at the speed of about 30 mph.
    Fact source: Cats Info
    Photo credit: Andrea Zimmerman Manager, Blogs & Social Media
  • Mad Skills 5 of 14
    Mad Skills
    It's been estimated that cats can jump 5-7 times their tail length
    Fact source: 10 Facts
    Photo credit: hosted by hisashi_0822 on Flickr
  • African Serval 6 of 14
    African Serval
    This African Serval has mastered the art of levitation, showing off his left arm.
    Photo credit: hosted by jurvetson on Flickr
  • Attack! 7 of 14
    When cats jump, their footpads absorb the shock of landing.
    Fact source: Cat Hug
    Photo credit: hosted by worak on Flickr
  • Look At Me. Look! 8 of 14
    Look At Me. Look!
    The claws on the cat's back paws aren't as sharp as the claws on the front paws. The claws on the bad don't react and become worn much quicker.
    Fact source: Random History
    Photo credit: hosted by mao_lini on Flickr
  • I Can Twist 9 of 14
    I Can Twist
    The front paws on a cat have 5 toes and their back paws have 4.
    Fact source: Cat Behavior Tips
    Photo credit: hosted by bwats2 on Flickr
  • Like a Gymnast! 10 of 14
    Like a Gymnast!
    The cat who holds the record for the longest non-fatal fall fell from the 16th floor of an apartment building (about 200 ft/.06 km) and survived.
    Fact source: Cat World Records
    Photo credit: hosted by rocketjim54 on Flickr
  • Dance Levitation 11 of 14
    Dance Levitation
    All cats except the cheetah sheath their claws when at rest.
    Fact source: Random History
    Photo credit: hosted by tetraconz on Flickr
  • I Don’t Know Where He’s Heading 12 of 14
    I Don't Know Where He's Heading
    A cat can't climb head first down a tree because every claw on a cat's paw points the same way. They have to back down, which is likely why they can't get down from a tree.
    Fact source: Random History
    Photo credit: hosted by Ali Smiles 🙂 on Flickr
  • Is He Going To Make It? 13 of 14
    Is He Going To Make It?
    A five year old cat from Ontario, Canada is in the Guinness Book of Records for having the most toes. Jake has a total of 27 toes, the average for a cat is 18.
    Fact source: Cat World Records
    Photo credit: hosted by polandeze on Flickr
  • Upright Levitation, It’s a Skill 14 of 14
    Upright Levitation, It's a Skill
    The cat's tail is used to maintain balance.
    Fact source: Cats Info
    Photo credit: hosted by kaurjmeb on Flickr

Photo credit: Andrea Zimmerman

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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