It’s a Catastic Roundup

I found a lot of  cute cat videos this week.  It was very refreshing since I have recently pointed out that cats can be a little mean (and have given you proof).  This is just good clean cat fun.  No cats or kittens have injured themselves or purposely knocked over any babies or cups of coffee.  So, you know, win-win.  We get our chuckle and “awwwww” moment and no one ends up crying.

Click through to see the best and most catastic videos this week.

  • It’s a Catastic Roundup 1 of 7
    Click through see the cutest cat videos on the interweb this week.
  • Fat Cat – Little Kitten 2 of 7
    This kitten keeps getting the slap down, but that doesn't stop him from trying to wrestle a cat 3 times his size.

    Click here to watch.
  • Fat Cat in Swing 3 of 7
    I really hope someone took the baby out of the swing before the cat got on.

    Click here to watch.
  • Huggy Lovey Kitty 4 of 7
    One kitten is content to just snuggle, but the other one cannot get close enough to her human. For a second it almost looks like she loves him so much she could eat him.

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  • Kittens on a Slide 5 of 7
    This kitten isn't quite sure what to do with herself on the slide. Luckily, mama comes to help.

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  • Who Needs a Dog 6 of 7
    This baby happily "fetches" for the cat on the table.

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  • Baby and Kitty Wrestling Match 7 of 7
    Despite getting knocked down, this baby is having a great time wrestling with the cat. The cat even seems to be enjoying it also.

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