‘Be Kind To Animals Week’: 10 Things You Can Do Right Now

May 5- 11 is ‘Be Kind To Animals Week’, an entire week that gives us the opportunity to take a moment from our busy lives to think about those who ask nothing of us — animals. As animal lovers, most of us have a direct connection with the joy and love that only animals can bring. Not only are animals pure in spirit and want nothing other than to be loved, many of them are helpless on their own and require our care and attention. Like children, animals often suffer at the hands of those in charge of them.

Since 1915, the American Humane Association has dedicated an entire week to raise awareness to a very simple fact: animals (of all kinds) are a gift and we need to be kind and loving to them, which includes making sure they are well taken care of and enjoying healthy and happy lives.

Click through the photos below to show 10 things you can do right now in honor of ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’.

  • Being Kind To Animals Is Easy! 1 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals
  • Teach a Child 2 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week

    Let the children in your life learn the proper ways that animals should be treated. This starts when they are very young. Teach them compassion for all living creatures. The best way to do this? Give them the privilege of growing up with a beloved pet.

  • Volunteer 3 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week

    Almost every shelter can use an extra hand to walk dogs, clean cages, or help take care of the many things that it takes to keep a shelter up and running. Maybe you have a knack for marketing or creating newsletters? One of your skills might be desperately needed. Even one hour a week can make a difference.

  • Stop Wearing Fur and Leather 4 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week

    Think about it. Is it really necessary for animals to die so a person can have a fancy bag or pair of shoes? If we didn't keep reinforcing these inhumane practices by keeping suppliers in the green, there would be no supply and demand. 

  • Go Vegetarian 5 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week estimates that when just one person stops eating meat, they save 50 animal lives over the course of a year, which adds up to thousands throughout a lifetime. Want an extra incentive? Consider that being vegetarian leads to a leaner body, more energy, stronger bones, less food borne illnesses, and less disease in general.

  • Check on Neighbors 6 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week

    If you have elderly neighbors who have pets, offer to walk their dog or take their dog for a grooming. Many elderly people just can't keep up with the demands of owning a dog or cat, and would welcome a little extra help. Of course, when you do this, you are helping the animals stay healthy and happy.

  • Adopt a Dog or Cat 7 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week

    There is perhaps no greater act of kindness than committing to care for a homeless pet for the rest of his/her life. The benefits you will receive from it include unconditional love and a true friend for life.

  • No Animal Testing 8 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week

    Buy make-up and lotions from companies that do not test on animals. Not only are the ingredients purer and healthy, but they are often cheaper because you do not have to cover the costs of labs performing test on animals. My favorite? E.L.F. Cosmetics


  • If You See Something, Say Something 9 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week

    Vow to be an animal advocate and report abuse to your local law enforcement agency or your nearest animal welfare organization.

  • Pamper Your Pooch (Or Kitty) 10 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week

    Take the day to pamper the best pet in your life. Go on a long walk or have a session with some catnip.

  • Give 11 of 11
    Be Kind To Animals Week

    Find an animal organization that you believe in and donate regularly. If you can't offer money, try calling to see if they need any items you might be able to supply. Ask if your company will match your donation. No kill shelters that care for animals deserve our support.


(And click here to find cute photos of animals to share on your Facebook page to support the cause.)

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