Japanese Zoo Prepares for Earthquakes (video)

I think we can all agree that earthquakes are not funny.  I think we can also all agree that it is a great idea to have a plan for what to do in case of an earthquake.  That said, I think that this drill, being carried out by a Japanese zoo, has some flaws in it and is kind of comical.  One flaw is that if a zebra was freaking out like were “planning” for, then the humans involved would actually get really hurt.

You should know that before the video was really underway, I was already amused by the British newscasters who kept calling the animal a “zeh-bra” versus a “zee-bra.”  Yes, I know that is immature of me, but it cracked me up (yes, I know, I’m a child).

Click below to enjoy the video and to pick up some earthquake preparation tips in case your own pet zeh-bra escapes.

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