Kitty Angels!

Angels are a romantization of the Roman word for  messengers — aggelos — and are mentioned in many religions around the world.

Sounds nice and official, doesn’t it? GOD BLESS WIKIPEDIA, is all I’m gonna say.

Christmas is a time for angels kids dressed as angels, angels heard on high, the angel on top of the tree… so why not kitty angels?

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you will love this collection of photos of adorable kittens and cats dressed up in wings and haloes.



  • Sullen Angel 1 of 14
    Sullen Angel
    This kitty looks about ready to ditch the angle thing and move instead into the anger thing.

    Image Credit: Theme Parks.
  • Green Winged Angel 2 of 14
    Green Winged Angel
    This gorgeous kitty almost looks happy with his wings! Love how they match his eyes.

    Image Credit:
  • Daisy Angel 3 of 14
    Daisy Angel
    Ah, Daisy the Curly Cat, sparkling as an angel!

    Image Credit: Daisy the Curly Cat.
  • Fluffy Angel Costume 4 of 14
    Fluffy Angel Costume
    This kitty is about ready to pounce on whomever put him in the angel costume.

    For Sale on Amazon.
  • KITTEH. ANGEL. 5 of 14
    Oh my GOODNESS. I want to cuddle this kitten badly.

    Image Credit: Angel Scribe.
  • Pretty Kitty 6 of 14
    Pretty Kitty
    Love this beautiful kitten with the gorgeous wings. Beautiful shot!

    Image Credit: Phoenix Feather.
  • Orange Tabby Angel 7 of 14
    Orange Tabby Angel
    This kitty is gorgeous! And almost looks smug about being an angel.

    Image Credit: Pet Smart.
  • Baby Angel 8 of 14
    Baby Angel
    OH MAH GAH. Beautiful, adorable, WANT TO CUDDLE KITTAH!

    Image Credit: Pet Assure.
  • Persian Angel 9 of 14
    Persian Angel
    This cat is HILARIOUS. OMG. So funny.

    Image Credit: Simply Decor.
  • Flying Angel Kitten 10 of 14
    Flying Angel Kitten
    Simon here is an adorable persian kitty, with wings to spare. ADORBS.

    Image Credit: Kitten Simon.
  • Adopt an Angel 11 of 14
    Adopt an Angel
    This little cutie helped raise funds for an animal shelter.

    Image Credit: Cat Angels.
  • Tabby Angel 12 of 14
    Tabby Angel
    This cutie! If you like her as much as I do, she's available as a screen saver.

    Image Credit: Scenic Reflections.
  • Tortie Angel 13 of 14
    Tortie Angel
    I love tortishell kittens. Again, did you know they are always female? This cutie sure is sweet looking, isn't she?

    Image Credit: Angel Messenger.
  • Twofer 14 of 14
    These two cats! OMG. Their faces! I die.

    Image Credit: Love To Know.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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