Kitty Love: 5 Ways To Spoil Your Cat On Valentine’s Day!

Kitty Love: 5 Ways To Spoil Your Cat On Valentine's Day!Cats might not demand a good Valentine’s Day gift, but rest assured they’ll be watching to see what goes on this Friday. Perception is one of their strong suits so don’t think that your pooch will get a bone without that going unnoticed. Remember that scratched up end of the couch? Yeah, well, that was not quite an accident.

Of course, our cats deserve a little something special on the day when love is celebrated. And if you’re all out of ideas, don’t stress. We have 5 gift ideas that are simple and will convey just how much your cat means to you!

1. One word: Catnip! My cats go head over heels, crazy, stupid, love over the smallest pinch of catnip. My daughter gave them the tiniest bit last week, and it had them rolling all over the floor with unabandoned glee.

2. Milk: Some people differ on giving cats’ milk, but I think it depends on the individual cat. Two of our cats adore it while our third kitty, Cloe, gets an upset stomach from dairy. Consequently, I don’t give it to my cats, because it’s not fair to give to only two of them and I don’t want Cleo to get sick. But if milk doesn’t bother your cats and they enjoy it, well, Valentine’s Day is an ideal day to pamper them.

3. Toys, toys, toys!: The great thing about a cat toy is that even if you don’t have one from a store, you can easily create one with just a string. Just swing a long piece of wool around, and you are guarantee to have a kitty pop out and play with it. Of course, if you’d like a more civilized gift, check out these interactive toys, plushes, teasers, and of course, mice! (Dog lovers will want to check out the new, cute and cuddly Care Bear toys — 10% of each product sold goes directly to helping homeless animals!)

4. I’ll have the window seat, please. There is nothing a cat likes more than having a bird’s eye view, so to speak, of what’s going on outside. My wanderer, Baby, loves the thrill of the good outdoors, so she stares out the window as much as she can. This window seat is something Baby would adore. Plus, it’s crazy cute, isn’t it?

5. Gourmet meal: C’mon you can’t expect you and your human love to dig into a filet mignon when your cat is munching on dry kibble. How undignified! Try a fancy moist food if your cat usually gets dry food. The change of pace will be a nice treat. Nearly every major pet company has a moist food on the market with ingredients comparable to human food. Pricier, yes, but consider it a Valentine’s splurge.

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