Knowing When to Say Goodbye to Your Pet

catOur house is a lot quieter these days – certainly not what you would expect to hear from a household with four young children, but now one member is no longer living with us.

Earlier this month we had to re-home Gmork – he went to my brother’s house, so I still get to see him occasionally, but it’s not the same. When we adopted him almost a year ago, I was hoping he would help ease my heart after losing my childhood cats, and he did, but he wasn’t the right fit for this house.

We had a resident cat already, Ariel, who we adopted just after my first cat passed away. She was my husband’s cat and we had hoped that adding Gmork would help ease her boredom and well, cats always seem to be happier in pairs.

This was not the right pair though. Just like some relationships don’t work out for various reasons, that is what happened with these two. It was clear from the beginning they were not going to be forever BFFs, but we were hoping that with time and some tricks we could get the two to stop fighting and learn to at least cohabitate.

Gmork’s play fighting changed into real fighting; Ariel’s disinterest turned into fear – and it continued to escalate.  I know that with kittens, chaos is to be expected, but there were times he lashed out at my young children and when the noise of kids amped up, so did his crazy behavior. I worried about leaving him alone in the room with my kids and one of my children was becoming afraid of Gmork.

He was my cat, I adopted him with a full heart, and I was worried about how it would affect him. He is an adorably affectionate cat in those moments where he wants to cuddle, and I really wanted it to work out. It was clear that we had to make a choice. It was not an easy decision, though the right one was clear.

He’s been living in his new home for 3 weeks now and my brother says he’s doing wonderful there. He has an older cat already and unlike Gmork and Ariel, he gets along wonderfully with his new housemate. Ariel is back to being her calm and collected self and she’s no longer afraid to sunbathe on the floor with her fluffy white belly in the air.

It was hard to come to the realization that our new adoption wasn’t working, but we had to look past our true intentions and look at the bigger picture – happiness for all.

Photo credit: Devan McGuinness

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