Leopard Video Selfie Is the New “It” Thing

leopardThe internet brings us a lot of enjoyment and with all the information traveling, each day there’s a new trend to watch out for. We have new slang terms just for social media use and selfies is one that’s taken over like major.

Animals don’t like to be left out of trends, obviously so leave it to the wild cats — the leopards — to start us off on a new one. All you need is a leopard, a durable camera like a GoPro,  the natural curiosity, and you have a new trend.

The leopard video selfie.

Here’s one video of a leopard who wanted to start a new trend of the video selfie. Taken at Okavango in Botswana and uploaded to YouTube, we see a leopard who takes an interest in the very durable mini camera the GoPro. Not only that, but the leopard takes us on a ride while he takes a video selfie too.

As if that one wasn’t fun enough to watch, just today a second video was uploaded to YouTube with a female leopard who took a curious interest in the GoPro camera. This leopard is only 10-months old and just like the first video, the camera stays intact, and we get an adorable leopard video selfie to watch.

What do you think? Is this a fun new trend that’s going to totally take off?

Photo credit: screenshot from YouTube
Video sources: Barcroft TV | YouTube; standard license /  Kruger Sightings | YouTube; standard license

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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