Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Precious Photos of Puppies Asleep

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Pure bliss!

Good morning, or afternoon, or even night depending on when you’re reading this. Odds are you might be feeling a little sleepy regardless of the time. It’s a known fact that we are a country of insomniacs running around on too little sleep taking care of all the ‘shoulds’. That’s probably the one thing that separates us most from animals; we run on conscience and they run on pure instinct. That’s what why they are so well rested and …happy.

With that in mind, we bring you a little reminder to rely on your own animal instinct from time and time and restore yourself. I mean when is the last time your puppy stayed awake to clean the last dish or finish the final report? Puppies are all or nothing. Our vet compares them to an energizer bunny in that they go full steam and then will just collapse and plop down whenever the urge hits them, and pass out into a restorative slumber.

Check out these purely adorable photos of puppies and dogs sleeping. If they don’t persuade you to rest up, they will surely melt your heart!

  • Double Nappers 1 of 20
    Double Nappers
    The only thing cuter than a snoozing Dachshund are two snoozing Dachshunds, sleeping side-by-side.
    Image: Flickr/acenz
  • A Wrinkle In Time 2 of 20
    A Wrinkle In Time
    Under all these precious wrinkles, are two tightly shut eyelids.
    Image: Flickr/bfraz
  • Tuckered and Tucked 3 of 20
    Tuckered and Tucked
    This scrumptious pup brings a whole new meaning to "tucked in."
    Image: Flickr/daving
  • Straight Up Snoozing 4 of 20
    Straight Up Snoozing
    You know the tired that's so strong you can fall asleep sitting up? That's what this poor pup must have. What a face!
    Image: Flickr/joy7d
  • Runt of the Litter 5 of 20
    Runt of the Litter
    There is always enough room when snuggled up between Mama and siblings.
    Image: Flickr/kcowekung
  • Pooped Out 6 of 20
    Pooped Out
    Puppies are just furry babies, after all, so you know the drill: eat, poop, sleep. Repeat again and again.
    Image: Flickr/kellylyon1319
  • About Face 7 of 20
    About Face
    This Pug is flat out exhausted.
    Image: Flickr/lauren_louise
  • To Sleep, Perchance To Dream 8 of 20
    To Sleep, Perchance To Dream
    This pup's face kills me. He looks so cute yet so smart, like he's creating sonnets in his dreams.
    Image: Flickr/mogi
  • Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog…. 9 of 20
    Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog....
    Lying all the time (on the floor asleep!)
    Image: Flickr/mike-stew_0
  • ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’…. 10 of 20
    'Put Your Head On My Shoulder'....
    'Hold me in your arms'... puppy.
    Image: Flickr/nebbish1
  • Post Surgical Slumber 11 of 20
    Post Surgical Slumber
    Hey, this collar might stink, but that anesthesia was something else!
    Image: Flickr/parhelic_triangle
  • Anywhere, Anyhow Hayley 12 of 20
    Anywhere, Anyhow Hayley
    Our Chihuahua has taken many a naps on the carpet in the midst of a roomful of people, and tongue is always hanging out.
    Image: A. Sullivan
  • Pawrrific 13 of 20
    Sure, a slumbering puppy face will melt your heart but just look at these little paws.
    Image: Flickr/rspca-western-australia
  • Big Snore 14 of 20
    Big Snore
    So I might snore a little, but hey, check out my pearly whites!
    Image: Flickr/siriusmosaics
  • Our Lab Pup 15 of 20
    Our Lab Pup
    Two seconds flat after taking this snapshot, Django's lil face hit the floor and she was out like a light.
    Image: A. Sullivan
  • Blankie 16 of 20
    Nothing like wrapping yourself in a cozy blankie- even when you have a full bodied coat!
    Image: Flickr/socal-photography
  • Side Sleeper 17 of 20
    Side Sleeper
    Every pup has their favorite sleep position. Here's mine!
    Image: Flickr/topherjames
  • You Are Getting Very Sleepy….. 18 of 20
    You Are Getting Very Sleepy.....
    One eye down, one more to go.....
    Image: Stockxchng
  • Zzzzzzz…… 19 of 20
    Like babies, young puppies sleep most of the day...and night!
    Image: Flickr/zerteh
  • Doggone Tired 20 of 20
    Doggone Tired
    You gotta be pretty darn drowsy to get comfortable in that position.
    Image: Flickr/j0mammma

Image: Flickr

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