LOL Video: Kitty Sits on Hedgehog

LOL Video: Kitty Sits on Hedgehog - BabbleIt’s a story as old as time: kitty meets hedgehog, kitty sits on hedgehog, kitty learns valuable lesson.

Cats usually live by the motto, “if it fits, I sits.” That is, unless the thing they try to sit on is super-prickly. YouTube user mamoth100 captured video of her 8-month-old Ragdoll cat learning that hedgehogs are not for sitting on.

The hedgehog in question is a 15-month-old African pygmy hedgehog named Lucy, adopted because her previous owners turned out to be allergic to hedgehogs. (And now you know that hedgehog allergy is a thing.)

I’m sure Lily and Lucy are going to be best friends…eventually.

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