Loyal Service Dog Recognized in the Most Awesome Way Imaginable

service dogService dogs deserve to be recognized, and one Texas middle school did so in an awesome way.

Meet Taxi.

He’s an epilepsy service dog to seventh-grader Rachel Benke, and for the past four years, he’s been by her side keeping her safe. According to Yahoo! Shine, 14-year old Rachel can suffer up to several seizures a week, and Taxi is able to predict a seizure before it happens and alerts Rachel and her mother to what’s about to happen.

Taxi attends school with Rachel, and this year, the school did something to honor all his hard work and dedication by putting his photo in the yearbook among the other students.

In the wake of news stories of other schools not allowing seizure-predicting service dogs to attend school, this story gives me all the feels. I love that not only is Taxi accepted in the school, but they take the time to honor his hard work and dedication to his best friend. Rachel’s mom says that while they had some troubles with having Taxi by Rachel’s side in elementary school, the middle school where they both attend now has been “a welcome relief,” and the yearbook photo is just the icing on the cake.

According to Epilepsy Foundation, seizure dogs are trained in different ways including being trained to bark or alert someone when a seizure is occurring. Some dogs are trained to lay next to someone having a seizure to prevent injury, others are able to recognize a seizure before it happens.

Taxi, who flunked out of the seeing eye program for the cutest reason — a “cat-distraction problem,” — is able to recognize a seizure before it happens and has saved Rachel from harm many times over their 4-year friendship.


Photo credit: screenshot from YouTube
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