Maine Coon Prefers to be Called “Big Boned”

Maine Coon Prefers to be Called "Big Boned"Just recently, my sister-in-law was telling me about her friend’s giant cat.  I was kind of thinking, it’s a cat, how big could it really be?  It’s not like it’s a lion or a tiger.  Well, I am here to to tell you that this cat is the biggest cat I’ve ever seen!  But, don’t call Bentley “fat” he prefers “big boned.”  Apparently, he’s a little sensitive.

Bentley is a Maine Coon cat.  And because we are all about learning here (and cuteness, and probably pizza too) I looked up some information for you.  Maine Coons are also referred to as American Longhairs.  They are characterized by long, flowing coats and big bone structure (Wait!  He really is big boned!).  Males typically weigh between 15 and 25 pounds (Bentley is 30.5).  This breed is also known for their intelligence and gentle personalities.

Click through the gallery to see Bentley, his siblings, and friends.

  • Chillin’ 1 of 12
    I am not 100% sure that Bentley climbed up there unassisted.
  • A Younger Bentley 2 of 12
    A Younger Bentley
    Back in the day, more of Bentley fit up there, and he might have even gotten there himself.
  • Held Captive 3 of 12
    Held Captive
    That is a 5-year-old and 7-year-old trapped under Bentley (he didn't want his company to leave). Don't worry, after 2 or 3 days, the boys got back all the feeling in their legs.
  • No Really, Look How Big He Is 4 of 12
    No Really, Look How Big He Is
    After rescuing her sons from under Bentley, this visitor shows us just how big he really is.
  • Enjoying the Sun 5 of 12
    Enjoying the Sun
    Bentley sits with his siblings. The black cat, Morticia is also a Maine Coon. Rambo, the oldest, is an orange tabby.
  • This Picture is Purrfect 6 of 12
    This Picture is Purrfect
    Bentley and brother Rambo have a snuggly nap together.
  • Morticia and Bentley 7 of 12
    Morticia and Bentley
    Although Morticia is also a Maine Coon, she is not quite as big. This breed comes in all colors.
  • More Togetherness 8 of 12
    More Togetherness
    Unlike my children, these two love to cuddle. They even cooperate and pose for pictures.
  • No One Likes The Scale 9 of 12
    No One Likes The Scale
    While Bentley got a clean bill of health, his weight was a little up after the holidays. At 30.5 lbs, he was anxious to get off the scale.
  • Sharing 10 of 12
    There is no way my kids would share this nicely with each other. Perhaps I should have considered cats instead of kids.
  • A Long Time Ago 11 of 12
    A Long Time Ago
    This is Bentley as a kitten. Even back then, he seemed pretty big.
  • Ghost of Maine Coons Past 12 of 12
    Ghost of Maine Coons Past
    This is Cosey. Cosey is said to have won the first cat show in the United States on May 8, 1895. Personally, I think Cosey looks a little see-through and ghosty, like she might fade from the picture if you look too hard.

    Photo Credit - Wikipedia

Lots of thanks to Lynn and Dave from Bear, DE for sharing Bentley and his siblings with us!

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