Mama’s Little Furballs: Cool Photos Of Kittens And Their Mothers

Mama and her kin.

Nature has her little ways, doesn’t she?

She has her little ways to show us the rough devastating ways of the wild, the floods…the tornadoes…the jaguar taking down a gazelle on Animal Planet.

But, for every single time she makes us cringe in disbelief at her raw power and her seemingly unmerciful moods, she turns around and gives us something something gentle and beautiful and uplifting.

Take for example: a mama cat and her kittens.

It’s hard to put your finger on what it is exactly that melts our hearts when we see them together, these new fuzz nuggets and their loving mom, but there’s something that makes us coo, that’s for sure. Even for burly grizzled dudes like myself, it’s impossible not to be in the presence of a new litter of kittens nuzzling at their mama’s belly and not feel a little bit softer on the inside just for witnessing the miracle of it all. ( Dudes, that’s not to say I still don’t enjoy a good gazelle take-down…I do. But still.)

So, I took the liberty of cheering you up today and I hope you don’t mind it. I went out and rounded up a slew of great photos of kittens and their mamas for you to linger over while you kill time at work or on the couch there.

I hope you dig them.


  • Welcome To My World 1 of 25
    Welcome To My World
    I guess there's a reason that newborn kittens are usually associated with the idea of cute, huh?
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  • Mama Likes 2 of 25
    Mama Likes
    You don't even have to consider yourself a real 'cat-person' to admit that there is something undeniably sweet about watching a mama cat being gentle with her newborns.
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  • Rest Here 3 of 25
    Rest Here
    The way a mother cat nuzzles and licks her young is a prime example of Mother Nature at her best. And her most powerful.
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  • Chow Time 4 of 25
    Chow Time
    Whenever a bunch of kittens smoosh themselves in to eat off off of their mother's milk, we are reminded of how vital and valuable the mother/child relationship is, I think.
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  • Taxi! 5 of 25
    Of course, there are ways that the wild kingdom operates that sometimes alarm us. But animals all know what they're doing. Especially cats.
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  • Up And Out 6 of 25
    Up And Out
    Watching kittens nursing and sleeping is great. But when they finally start to run around and play with their mama...that's when the really good show starts.
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  • Mama’s Work Ain’t Never Done 7 of 25
    Mama's Work Ain't Never Done
    Since kittens are reared exclusively by their moms, its not unusual to see a worn-out lady cat by day's end.
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  • Just Part Of The Deal 8 of 25
    Just Part Of The Deal
    I love how cats will just sit there expressionless as their kittens poke/chew/scratch/climb/and just try out everything they can on their beloved mamas. Patient parents seem to know that this is all just part of the deal.
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  • Pillow-Top Mom 9 of 25
    Pillow-Top Mom
    Is there a nicer bed in the world than a soft cat covered in kittens? I doubt it.
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  • The Fortress Of Solitude 10 of 25
    The Fortress Of Solitude
    For kittens, there is no safer, more peaceful place on Earth, than wrapped up in their mother's 'arms'.
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  • Family Portrait 11 of 25
    Family Portrait
    If you manage to use a camera to capture a mama and her kittens in a precise moment, you will end up with an invaluable family portrait.
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  • First Days 12 of 25
    First Days
    I cannot imagine a more exhausting few days in the life of anything alive than those first few days for a mother cat.
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  • Where I Go, You Go! 13 of 25
    Where I Go, You Go!
    Something about a mama cat carrying her little one in her jaws always makes me laugh a little. What a fabulous new way to see the world!
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  • How To Bond 14 of 25
    How To Bond
    There's likely no better bonding force in nature than having a whole litter of kittens up on you a bunch of times a day, huh?
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  • Hold Me, Darling 15 of 25
    Hold Me, Darling
    Sometimes, it almost seems like cats are imitating us in the way they hold each other and show affection.
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  • Watchful Eyes 16 of 25
    Watchful Eyes
    A mother cat has her hands full, no doubt about that. Imagine living in a world of such danger and having like 6 or 7 babies to keep an eye on instead of just one.
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  • Play Time 17 of 25
    Play Time
    Kittens are notoriously playful. And tired mama cats just have to go with the flow when it comes to all that.
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  • The Family Genes 18 of 25
    The Family Genes
    Not all cats look like their folks, of course. There is far too much breeding going on for that to be a regularity. But when it's so cool.
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  • A Journey 19 of 25
    A Journey
    The life of a cat can vary from the idle days of a house pet to the swashbuckling adventures of a city feral. So, when mama exposes them to something, it's probably for their own future good.
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  • Under My Spell 20 of 25
    Under My Spell
    Mama cats know that it is super critical that their kittens learn while they can. So, mothers are always trying to make sure that their young are soaking it all in.
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  • Family Portrait #2 21 of 25
    Family Portrait #2
    Well well well, what can we say about this? Not much, I guess, except that incredible photos of cat families rule.
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  • Just Watching You Sleep 22 of 25
    Just Watching You Sleep
    Like adult people, I suspect that mother cats, even when they are dead tired, spend a good part of their time just eyeballing and soaking in their little miracles.
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  • I Might Just Pass Out Here 23 of 25
    I Might Just Pass Out Here
    I like it a lot when kittens seem to get so milk-drunk during a feeding session that they just appear to pass out right smack dab in the middle of things.
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  • I Got Your Back 24 of 25
    I Got Your Back
    When a kitten and her mother are poised and calm and elegant together, we see what 'true cool' really is. It's love and peace and confidence.
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  • Family Is Family 25 of 25
    Family Is Family
    Sometimes, things don't work out the way we wished they would. But there is always hope. For you, for me, and for the kittens out there in the wide open world.
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