Man Pets Fox in Most Adorable Video Ever

Man Pets Fox In Most Adorable Video Ever via Babble
Red fox

What do you think of when you hear the word “fox?” Do you envision a wild animal, likely with rabies, who might bite you? Many people do.

I did too, until this ridiculously cute video that shows a man petting a fox. The similarity to a dog is startling, even down to its enjoyment of being petted.

Right now in Westchester, NY, there is a family of foxes that set up living quarters in a residential area and residents are not happy. One woman claimed she fell after running away from a wild fox, which resulted in an $8,000 dental bill.

I admit that seeing a fox outside your home might be offsetting at first.

However, foxes can be harmless animals when they don’t feel threatened. Take the fox in the video below, for example. Raised as a captive fox, he obviously knows the man in the video loves him or at least won’t hurt him, which is why he succumbs to( and relishes) the petting.

See for yourself, especially around 2:40 when he looks straight in the camera and gets sleepy. It reminds me of my own pups, just so adorable! Click here to see video.

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