Meet Deucy, The Two-Headed Kitten Born In Oregon

Meet Deucy, The Two-Headed Kitten Born In OregonA two-headed kitten was born in Oregon this past Tuesday, June 11th at (oddly enough) 6:11 am.

Owner Stephanie Durkee gave this adorable kitty a most appropriate moniker, Deucy. When Duecy was born, Durkee took the kitten to a vet who determined that despite the two faced features, the kitten seemed perfectly heathy with all organs intact, and no other deformaties.

Deucy is a Janus cat, a term named after the Roman god. Janus cats often suffer from other congenital health issues. Many die shorty after birth. But some Janus cats live long and healthy lives.

The most famous Janus cat is Frankenlouie, a two-headed cat from Worcester, Massachusetts who was inducted into the Guinness Book Of World Records at the age of 12. He is the longest living Janus cat to date.

Let’s hope lil Deucy can beat his record!

Watch this sweet newborn cat here:


Image: YouTube

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