Meet Matty, the Cutest Sloth Ever! [Video]

Meet Matty, the Cutest Sloth Ever! [Video]I am about to show you one of the cutest things ever. I know, I am pretty sure I say this at least once a week here, but I come across some of the cutest things that I just have to share.

Here, we have a sloth. If you’ve ever seen photos of sloths or been lucky enough to view one in real life, you’ll know that they are just cuter than pretty much anything ever. They look like real life teddy bears, they have what looks like soft fur, cute little eyes,and a mouth that makes it looks like they’re always smiling.

Add to that slow movements and a sweet disposition, and that adds up to one of the cutest animals ever.

This video, which was taken at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, shows a baby sloth named Matty who shows his love to his handler Claire by giving her a hibiscus leaf.

Photo credit: adapted from screenshot Rachael Hosein /YouTube
Video source:  Rachael Hosein / YouTube


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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