Merry Catmas: 20 Cats Who Think Your Christmas Tree Is Their New Toy

Cats like to climb things, especially trees. Bring one inside, add some shiny things hanging from it, and obviously you’ve got the world’s most fun, giant cat toy.

There’s really no keeping cats out of Christmas trees, until they eventually get too old/fat/lazy to climb them. Which is probably good, because really heavy cats are more able to bring down the tree. If you’ve got kitties, your best bets are to anchor your tree to stabilize it, and use nonbreakable ornaments. (See Keeping Fluffy Safe for the Holidays: 11 Pet Safety Tips for more suggestions on keeping your pet safe during the holiday season.)

In the mean time, don’t take it personally when your cat shreds your tree and everything on it. They’re not trying to be furry little Grinches; it’s just their nature. Check out these 20 great photos of cats climbing, sitting in, sleeping in, and destroying Christmas trees!


  • Your Christmas Tree… 1 of 21
    ...is your cat's favorite new toy. Click the arrows to scroll through these funny photos of cats ruining Christmas trees!
  • Is the tree straight yet? 2 of 21
    This cat is obviously being helpful during tree set-up.
    (Photo Credit: We Heart It)
  • A pause during destruction. 3 of 21
    "For Buster's first Christmas, he totally demolished the Christmas tree," wrote this photographer.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Susan E. Adams)
  • MINE. 4 of 21
    Thank you for the enormous new chew toy, Human.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/jfiess)
  • No need for ornaments. 5 of 21
    I'll just sit here.

    (Photo Credit: Cute N Tiny)
  • Fa la la la la. 6 of 21
    There's nothing quite so festive as the delightful sound made by a cat gnawing on an artificial tree.

    (Photo Credit: Cats. Where They Do Not Belong.)
  • This is disturbing. 7 of 21
    On so many levels.

    (Photo Credit: Cute Boys With Cats)
  • New trend in Christmas decoration! 8 of 21
    Just a big wad of fur on the tree.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Jon A. Ross)
  • Oh, there you are. 9 of 21
    Wad of fur has turned around, now ready to destroy your carefully-wrapped presents.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Jon A. Ross)
  • Soon. 10 of 21
    Cat lying in wait for Santa, stealer of cookies.

    (Photo Credit: Now Here This)
  • O Christmas Tree 11 of 21
    This photo was tagged "every cat ever."

    (Photo Credit: Tumblr/jonnovstheinternet)
  • You don’t see me. 12 of 21
    I am just an ornament. Carry on.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Charlie Anzman)
  • Too much eggnog at the Kitty Office Holiday Party. 13 of 21
    So embarrassing.

    (Photo Credit: Cheezburger)
  • It’s a tree. 14 of 21
    A bird is bound to come through eventually. I can wait.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Steve Garner)
  • Thank you for the new cat bed. 15 of 21
    I get that the lights are probably nice and toasty, but how is this even comfortable?

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Steve Garner)
  • No, I *don’t* want the Santa hat on my head. 16 of 21
    One more attempt to make me pose for your holiday card and this tree is coming DOWN, Mister.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • No need to turn on lights. 17 of 21
    I help you save on electric bill.

    (Photo Credit: The Chive)
  • Also, no need for star on top. 18 of 21
    Now sing to me, minions.

    (Photo Credit: The Chive)
  • Where’s Waldo? 19 of 21
    It's like an I Spy book in there.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)
  • The Aftermath. 20 of 21
    This is what happens when you leave a cat with a tree, writes this photographer. "Notice Jem in the background. He's chewing on a bird ornament that matches the one in the foreground."

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/How I See Life)
  • Um, that’s okay. You can just keep the tree, actually. 21 of 21
    Nice kitty! This photo was taken at the Zoo in Zurich, Switzerland, where old Christmas trees are hung as giant cat toys after the holiday season is over.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/Tambako the Jaguar)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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