Missy, Brave Dog Left On Mountain Top, Rescued By Volunteers

So, dog owner and possible idiot Anthony Ortolani decided to hike up 13,000 Mount Bierstadt in Colorado with his dog Missy. Unfortunately the trail is full of incredibly sharp rocks rocks easily managed with a pair of sturdy hiking boots, but not so easy for tender dog paws.

Naturally, Missy’s feet started getting cut up, and rather than being a responsible dog owner and, oh, TURNING AROUND, the owner continued hiking with Missy until she was so injured she could no longer walk.

So what did idiot Anthony Ortolani do then? Did he figure out a way to carry Missy down the mountain to rush the dog to a vet? Nope. Instead, he left her at the top of 13,000 foot peak.

Yes, he went back down the mountain and left her to face the elements. Alone.

So, what did he do next? Get this: NOTHING. He didn’t report it to the authorities (although he did call 911 from the top of the mountain, and was informed animal rescues weren’t possible).

A WEEK LATER yes, a full week — Scott and Amanda Washburn found poor Missy. They attempted to carry her down or help her walk, to no avail. But unlike Mr. Ortolani, they immediately went online and organized a group of volunteers who all hiked up and rescued Missy, eventually carrying her down the mountain in a very large backpack.

It was at this point that Anthony Ortolani rushed forward proclaiming love for his dog and wanting her back, but she’s currently safe with a veterinarian and is getting treatment.

Poor Missy! Let’s hope she gets well soon.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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