Most Popular Puppy Names of 2012

Most Popular Puppy Names of 2012When it comes to giving someone a name, person or animal, I like to take my time with it. I like to check out the origin, meaning, and who else has that name. It’s one that will be with them forever and I don’t want them to hate it and well, I don’t want to hate saying it.

When it comes to animal names specifically, I am not a fan of the typical animal names that you would never hear someone call a person. That’s just my personal preference. I am also not a huge fan of the popular names; I like my names to stand out so when you’re out at the park and calling for “Charlie” to come back, you don’t have like 12 dogs running at you.

Just like with baby names, popularity in puppy names comes and goes each year. VetStreet released the list of the most popular puppy names of 2012 and I am not surprised by many of the names in the top 10.

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  • Top 5 Girl Puppy Names 1 of 12
    Top 5 Girl Puppy Names
    Many of the same names made this list last year proving they're here to stay.
  • #5 – Lola 2 of 12
    #5 - Lola
    According to VetStreet, Lola has been on the rise for years, but jumped 3 spots this year.
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  • #4 – Molly 3 of 12
    #4 - Molly
    A sweet name for a human, but made even sweeter for a dog.
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  • #3 – Lucy 4 of 12
    #3 - Lucy
    I have a love for dog names that also make great people names which Lucy fits.
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  • #2 – Daisy 5 of 12
    #2 - Daisy
    Daisy is an older person name if you ask me, but when it comes to dogs it's perfect.
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  • #1 – Bella 6 of 12
    #1 - Bella
    Bella began it's rise to dog-name fame the year after the first Twilight movie was released. I'm guessing that's related.
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  • Top 5 Boy Puppy Names 7 of 12
    Top 5 Boy Puppy Names
    The name in the #1 spot has held on for the past 7 years.
  • #5 – Cooper 8 of 12
    #5 - Cooper
    I am a big fan of traditional last names as first names and Cooper would work well for dog or person.
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  • #4 – Rocky 9 of 12
    #4 - Rocky
    Personally, I don't like this name for person or dog. Is it an homage to the movie?
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • #3 – Charlie 10 of 12
    #3 - Charlie
    Such a sweet, perfect name for a dog. It gives that feeling that you're hanging with someone awesome.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • #2 – Buddy 11 of 12
    #2 - Buddy
    So typical for a dog name and it's one that seems without any creativity. "Hey, Buddy, come here."
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • #1 – Max 12 of 12
    #1 - Max
    Max has held this top spot for the past 7 years and it's going to take one heck of a name to knock it off this list.
    Photo credit: photostock.

To read the full list of 10 boy and girl dog names, head over to VetStreet

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