Most Slotherific Video in the History of Ever

Yes, “slotherific” is a word, I just used it didn’t I?  Anyhoo, I recently shared some slothness (also a word) with you here at Babble Pets.  Lots of cute pictures and funny captions (if I do say so myself) and then our own Devan McGuinness put up a super cute sloth video.  So, you would think we’ve had enough with the sloths.  But, you’d be wrong.

This video features Kristen Bell on the Ellen show telling us about her experience meeting a sloth.  You just have to go watch it.  It’s the best ever and you will want to be best friends with Kristen afterwards.  Also, you will realize that you really need to have a sloth and sloth habitat at your next party.

Trust me, you will thank me and want to be my friend too when you watch this.

Video and Featured Image – YouTube/Ellen Show

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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