Move Over Beyonce, Milly The Chihuahua May Be World's Smallest Dog

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Milly, the chihuahua is even smaller than Beyonce, the dachshund!

A few weeks ago, we brought you Beyonce, possibly the World’s Smallest Dog. At just a month old, the adorable Dachshund from California that measured four and a half inches, and fit in a teaspoon at birth.

But now, an even smaller pooch has been identified who just might take the title from Beyonce before she even got it.

Milly, a Puerto Rican Chihuahua is merely 7 ounces and three inches tall at three months of age.

The Huffington Post reports that Milly’s caretaker said she was so small at birth, they had to be inventive about the way they fed her:

“To get an idea of ”‹”‹just how petite she is, when she was first born she received milk from an eyedropper.”

Both Milly and Beyonce will have to wait until they reach adulthood to see who will get the crown. The Guinness World Record “only grants awards to dogs who are fully grown”:

“For smallest animal records, we require that the animal be fully grown, in this case at least one year old. We won’t be able to verify if this dog would be a record holder until then.”

Move Over Beyonce, Milly The Chihuahua May Be World's Smallest Dog


No matter if Beyonce or Milly, or even another dog claim the title, it’s safe to say it will be fun to watch these pint-sized pups grow.

Image: You Tube

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