Move Over Easter Bunny: These Dogs Want Your Job!

Writing for a pets blog is fun. Hands down, it is the best job I have ever had. Where else would I get to research the latest medical info on dogs and cats, learn how to be a better pet owner, and get to scroll through insanely adorable photos of furry creatures everyday?

In addition to those perks, I’ve become a sort of confidant among the pet world. In other words, I’m an insider when it comes to puppy and kitty thought processes, and even their feelings. I’ve recently learned a little something about Easter that I thought I’d share here, and it’s a touchy subject so let’s try to keep this quiet among pet lovers.

The dogs are rebelling…and it’s against the Easter Bunny.

In their defense, it is the only holiday that these dogs stand a fighting chance: Santa’s got it covered with Christmas and the Tooth Fairy is one slick gal, so the why should a common bunny get to bask in all the glory of Easter, they ask. Last night, the pups held a meeting and decided that they need to bring awareness to their plight, and asked me to give them a platform right here at Babble Pets.

Not only do the dogs below think they’ve got what it takes to be the Easter Puppy, but they think they’d do a much better job. Scroll through to see their reasons why…


Images: Courtesy of Imgur


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