Move Over Spiderman! This Dachshund Scales Walls (Video)

images (10)On warm summer nights just after the sun goes down, I sometimes notice a vision of a medium-sized shadow across my back fence. When I first moved here, I had no idea what it was. “Raccoons”, a neighbor said, “they come out every night and creep around.” As a lifelong city gal, having the four-legged creatures share my yard seemed slightly strange. During my daughter’s pool party a few years back, an entire family of the furry creatures decided to walk by s-l-o-w-l-y watching the kids in the pool. The shrieks and scream didn’t deter this family of six from their summertime stroll either.

Four years later, when I see a sizable shadow slinking along, I know what it is.

Or do I?

After watching the video below, I realize, it just might be a dachshund! It’s true … the adorable dachshund in this video scales walls. Perhaps he got bored of his own yard. Maybe he noticed a lady dachshund living next store. Maybe he’s just the adventurous type. While we don’t quite know exactly why this fella decided to climb the wall and a make run for it, I think we can agree, it is a sight to see.

Watch it here:


Image: YouTube


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