My Crazy Kitten (And 12 More Great Pet Tales!)

Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I moved into my very first apartment. Shortly after that, Kitten came to live with me. I know, I know… what an original name, right? She had been named “Rolly” at birth, but that name just never really stuck for me, and after months of just referring to her as “come here my little kitten”, the moniker just stuck.

As an actual kitten sized Kitten, she was a NUTCASE. Sitting at my desk, typing away at whatever essay happened to be due that week, she’d swat at my feet, run circles around the apartment, attempt to climb walls and — my personal favourite — she’d springboard off the back of my chair and land on whatever she could manage… sometimes another person in the room!

She’s been my sidekick for nearly eight years now and I mostly like to call her my “weird roommate”. Currently, she’s napping on the couch, and I know without a doubt that if I disturb her — ie. if I sit on the couch next to her — she’ll let out an annoyed grunt/meow/sigh to let me know I’ve ruined her cozy spot. However, all sassiness aside, she’d a cuddly one for sure, and given the chance, would much rather be curled up in my lap as I type this post… kneading her claws into my thighs and leaving behind a layer of grey.

Click through for more photos of my spunky little sweetheart!

Oh my sweet little Kitten. I love her so!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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