My Dog Is Like My Child: Why Does That Bother You?

When people say their dog or cat is their baby, I totally get it. I have 3 kids of my own but also 5 furry children (not counting the many others with fins and shells). I admit the non-furry pets are fun but I don’t have that special connection with them like I do with my dogs.

I have many childless couple friends who treat their dogs like their children. Hearing them speak about the adoption, potty training, toy selection and choice of food is quite similar to what I talk about on the playground with moms and dads.  I think it’s great but I also have quite a few friends who turn up their noses at this and say things like, “It’s just a dog. They act like it’s a child.”

Ugh, non-pet people. Forget the SAHM vs. working mom mommy wars. The pet vs. non-pet wars are even meaner because each side thinks they are entirely right. I can see both sides, sort of, because on one hand a dog is obviously not a child, but and a big BUT here, a person’s dog can be their child in the way that they love and spoil their pup, and have immense unconditional love for that little life.

I know I do with my dogs.

My dogs are part of our family, plain and simple. We consider them and their well-being in everything we do. I mean Santa leaves them goodies in their stocking, they eat when we eat, and have rules they must follow. In many ways, they are like our children. I can assure you that as my kids grow older and when they eventually leave the house, our pups will get even more special treatment because I love nurturing the kids and them.

It doesn’t ever bother me when people say ‘my dogs are my kids’; I simply say “That’s awesome. So tell me how long did it take to potty train Spike?”

What do you think? Are you dogs your kids? How about your cats? Does it offend you to equate pets with kids?

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