My Sweet, Furry Valentine: 10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

My Sweet, Furry Valentine: 10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your DogOh, Valentine’s Day, some of us just love you while others dread you each year. Many single people simply do not like this day, but I fear they are looking at the holiday with a narrowed view. Valentine’s Day is about love, not just a romantic relationship. I know many folks who adore celebrating with their children, family, and friends even though they might not be a relationship at the moment. After all, the day is devoted to making those you love feel special.

Dog owners always have a Valentine. How many people do we love as deeply and purely as our dog? My Django has been a constant force in my life since that cold day in November 2010 when I saw her across a crowded room, and we locked eyes. In fact, the title of a piece I wrote about adopting her on my blog is called “And They Call It Puppy Love” precisely because I wholeheartedly fell in love with this mushy, black Lab. Whenever I was out, I couldn’t wait to go home and be with her again. I wondered what she was doing, if she was happy and content, and I missed her dearly. I felt those giddy feelings of new love whenever I saw her.

Three years later, she is by my side all the time when I’m home. In fact, she is stretched out next to me as I write this, snoring loudly.

If you have that special pup in your life, you might be thinking about fun things to do this Valentine’s Day to celebrate. Here are 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog:

1. Lavish your furry Valentine with a spa day, otherwise known as a full groom and bath, complete with manicure and sweet smelling perfume. Everyone feels better when clean, including our pets.

2. Check out Milk-Bone dog biscuits. For a limited time, if you purchase a box and find a red dog biscuit in it, you may win a lifetime supply! That’s a lot of treats!

3. Buy a really cute Valentine’s Day outfit. You can find a wide assortment at your local Petco store. I especially love this Wag-a-tude Valentine’s Lover Boy Tattoo Dog Hoodie!

4. If your significant other loves your dog just as much as you do, buy them a shirt, picture, or statue that commemorates the love for your dog. My mother gave me a small figure of a black lab, and my daughter gave me a beautiful portrait of a black lab named Django. I treasure them both.

5. Take your favorite pup on a long, leisurely walk. There is nothing that a dog loves more than going outside with his/her owner and seeing other dogs.

6. Recognize your special bond by donating to your local shelter or animal rescue group. Or better yet, volunteer some time there.

7. Make that special dinner that you know he/she loves. My dogs go crazy over any kind of ground beef mixed with rice.

8. If you’re planning a romantic night out with your human love, make sure all alcohol, wrappers, and ribbons are stashed away where your dog cannot reach them. Holidays, even small ones, can bring about certain hazards, so it’s safe to make it a rule to never leave anything around that can hurt your dog, such as nylon strings from packages, flowers, cellophane, or other items that might be ingested.

9. Think treats, but not chocolates ever, which can be fatal for dogs. If you have Valentine’s chocolate laying around the house, make sure it is stored in a place that your dog cannot reach.

10. Adopt a new dog! Can you think of a better date to commemorate finding your new furry love?

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