Need a Little SPF? Pets Sunbathing

I’ve watched my cats over the years (I used to have NINE, oy) squeeze themselves into the most awkward of positions to soak up that one little ray of sunshine that is managing to get into the house in the winter.

But it’s not just the cats that love the sun; so do dogs! Dogs roll, run, play, and bask in the sun just like cats. In fact, I’ve seen dogs lie in the sun with their legs up and belly exposed just to grab a few more rays.

You gotta love it.

But what you really want is to SEE it, right? Well, here you go. Enjoy these pets soaking up the sun!

  • Sun on the deck… 1 of 14
    Sun on the deck...
    Andrea's adorable pit bull soaks up the rays on the deck.
  • Belly to the sun! 2 of 14
    Belly to the sun!
    Nothing beats a belly warmed up by the sun. You think she needs sun screen?
  • Cats and Dogs, Living Together! 3 of 14
    Cats and Dogs, Living Together!
    My kitty Annie cuddles up to Bubba to share his sunbeam. I miss them both.
  • GET THE BALL! 4 of 14
    The gorgeous yellow lab takes a break from his day job as an assistant in his mom Annie's kitchen.

    Read Annie's Blog!
  • Bubba soaks it up 5 of 14
    Bubba soaks it up
    Nothing beats a couch with strategic sun placement.
  • Redheads! 6 of 14
    My baby girl Cannie Belle with one of her buddies (my friend Jo-Ann's son) sitting on our front porch in the sun.

    Read Jo-Ann's blog!
  • PUPPY! Named Copper! ADORBS. 7 of 14
    PUPPY! Named Copper! ADORBS.
    Don't mind me, I'm just over her collapsing from cuteness over SuZ's puppy.

    Read SuZ's blog!
  • Basking… 8 of 14
    But stop taking my photo, would ya, Mom?

    photo credit (with permission)
  • Desert Dog 9 of 14
    Desert Dog
    Betsy here knows she looks her prettiest while basking, doesn't she?

    Read Betsy's Mom's Blog!
  • Kitty Sunning 10 of 14
    Kitty Sunning
    Dresden's cat Talia here is recovering nicely from her silly haircut by soaking up some rays.

    Read Dresden's Blog!
  • SUN SUN SUN! 11 of 14
    Marty here looks like he's about to burst with joy thanks to his sunbeam.
  • Nothing to see here 12 of 14
    Nothing to see here
    There's no pug behind the curtain. Nope.

    Pug is Sandra's.Read her blog!
  • Yes, I am indeed handsome 13 of 14
    Yes, I am indeed handsome
    Bijoux here knows his mom Shannon is only taking this photo because he looks so good.

    Read Shannon's blog!
  • What? 14 of 14
    I AM adorable. How did you know? Read Sandra's blog!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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