Neglected Bulldog Abandoned In Petco Bathroom

Neglected Bulldog Abandoned In Petco Bathroom via Babble
Oh, that face. Here is little Pierre getting better everyday.

A malnourished bulldog was found in a Petco bathroom in Pittsburgh on Sunday. After a long day that included a well-attended adoption event, employees were shocked to find the poor bulldog left in a bag in the bathroom covered in his own vomit and feces.

Workers believe that since the store was so busy throughout the day, anyone could have come in and left the dog there unnoticed. Employees named the bulldog Pierre and say that he appears to have been neglected for a long time.

Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets (GRASP) was called when the dog was found. Intake Coordinator Karla Barkley says it may be difficult to find out who abandoned the dog: “There were so many people coming in and out. It’s hard to exactly put a face with the bag that came through the door.”

Besides being severely malnourished, Pierre had several skin irritations and was vomiting repeatedly. He was given IV fluids and is on the mend but it will be a slow process. He is currently being fostered by local resident Sue Zukoski. Once he is fully recovered, he will be put up for adoption.

It is believed that the owner may have just not been able to take care of him anymore but if so, he or she should have looked for a shelter to take him to, or someone who might take him in. Now authorities are seeking to find the owner who may face criminal charges.

While it was terrible that this sick little dog was mistreated and abandoned, a pet store is probably one of the best places for him to be found. Thank goodness he was discovered by loving employees who did their best to nurse this poor pup back to health.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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