New Designer Dogs Hitting Shelters In Record Numbers

The chihuahua - dauschund mix known as the "Chiweenie."Image Credit:

Labrodoodles. Pugles. Chiweenies. These new “designer” dogs not mutts, of course, but carefully orchestrated dog mixes that hit some human hot button of cuteness  — are becoming the latest favorite dog for people to buy.

So how much do these designer dogs cost? A quick Google search shows that Chiweenies start at $300. Pugles are $500 or more. Labrodoodles start around $650. Expensive dogs that don’t belong to any official “breed.” (Designer dogs have only been around since about 2005.)

The more popular these breeds get, the more breeders breed them, and the more people buy them and… they realize they can’t handle owning a dog, even one as cute as a Chiweenie.

Sadly, this means they are also flooding the shelters, and they are also the most frequently adopted out of shelters which means, of course, that the normal mutts are being left at the shelters.

If you’re in the market for a new dog, you might be enchanted by these cute little designer dogs, but remember this: while some purebred dogs can be slightly more likely to have the personality qualities you’re craving in a dog, these new designer breeds are still too new to have particular personality traits. Not only that, but there is NO WAY to guarantee a type of dog personality.

No, really, there isn’t.

Pardon me if I also get on my high horse a minute, but… again. 35,000 animals are put to sleep in shelters EVERY SINGLE DAY in this country.

Between 8 and 10 million a year.

Do you know how much it costs to adopt from a shelter? Less than $100, and this usually includes at least one round of vaccinations, and often includes spaying and neutering. So why seriously, please, tell me WHY you’d spend money on one of these dog breeds?

It’s early summer, so that means it’s puppy season. The shelters are likely full. Skip the breeder. Adopt. Please.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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