New Study: 'Pet Owners Are More Environmentally Friendly'

"I love Earth."

A new study just out seems to indicate that pet owners are more environmentally-conscious than people who don’t own animal friends.

The report, conducted by pet-food giant, Purina, polled 1,030 dog and cat owners, and according to an article at One Green Planet, these folks have good reason to be green.

The OGP piece quotes the study finds that nearly three-quarters of people polled consider their pets to be part of their family.

And an impressive 39% say that they love their pet as much as they love their own child.


What that seems to indicate, then, is that pet-owners often feel a very vested interest in the welfare of the planet, not just for themselves and their individual futures, but also for the futures of their furry children.

As One Green Planet points out, a staggering 88% of the pet-owning pollsters also say that they recycle regularly.

There is a minor chink in the armor though.

OGP indicates that Purina’s promoting it’s own Together We¬† Can campaigned aimed at trying to convince more and more pet people to recycle their dog and cat food cans, and it seems that, of the pet owners who are recycling, only 74% of them are doing so with their pet food cans as compared to the 89% of them who are recycling their own fod and drink cans.

Are even some pet owners loathe to clean out that stinky dog/cat goop when it comes time to do good for the Earth?

Apparently, the answer is a resounding yes.



Info: One Green Planet


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