No Petting, Please! Cat Refuses Some Loving

No Petting, Please! Cat Refuses Some Loving via Babble
Hands-off, please.

Cats are aloof, plain and simple. If you own a cat, your chances of coming home to a sloppy kiss followed by a slaphappy paw and possible hug are all but gone. If outward affection is what you crave, get a dog.

Still, many cats are affectionate, but just in their own way. Most will not pass up the chance for a quick chin rub or back tickle, but will abruptly walk away when they’ve had enough.

Yet in all my years of owning cats (my entire life), I have never had a cat who refused my outstretched arm, which is partly why this cat cracks me up. Not only does he not want to be petted, but he makes his wishes known. By repeatedly pushing away his owner’s hand, he says ‘no, thank you’ loud and clear.

Watch this funny feline yourself:


Image: YouTube


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