Non-Surgical Neutering Coming To Dogs This Year

They put a needle where?! Gulp!
They put a needle where?! Gulp!

Some vets, like Dr. Marty Becker over at Vetstreet, are ecstatically happy to train in the brand new non-surgical sterilization for male dogs called Zeuterin. It is the “only such procedure approved for dogs 3 to 10 months of age by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

The active ingredient in Zeuterin is zinc gluconate, which is the reason why this product is also known as “zinc neutering.” A very small, thin needle is injected directly into each testicle, which releases the zinc directly to the sperm, rendering the dog infertile:

“Zinc is a natural spermicide, and the injection allows the product to render the dog infertile. Even as the sperm are dying, the dog’s body is responding by blocking the tubes that carry sperm with scar tissue, while absorbing and metabolizing the solution. The solution will soon be gone, but the effect is permanent.”

The procedure is said to be near painless since “the combination of using a very small needle and a very slow injection of the product avoids triggering any sensation of discomfort.” Although, I highly doubt any male dog would like a needle injected into his testicles, the procedure certainly does beat the traditional neutering session, in which the dog’s testicles are removed. 

Already used in Japan and the Philippines, Zeuterin is expected to be in American vet offices later this year.

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