NYC Real Estate Market is Literally…a Jungle

NYC Real Estate Market is Literally...A JungleApparently, if you are in New York and want to see exotic animals, you don’t need to go to the zoo.  All you need to do is tag along with some of the city’s high-end real estate brokers.

Apartment buildings have become increasingly lenient with their pet policies in an attempt to accommodate the fact that nearly 2/3 of American households have at least one pet.  The pet, however, is usually a cat or a dog.  Real Estate Weekly, in their piece, “Exotic Pets Giving Real Estate Brokers Paws for Thought”  reports that in the last 10 years, the demographic of the Manhattanite has changed and that brokers find themselves working with clients who have the money associated with purchasing and maintaining wild animals.  This includes the cost of finding just the right house or apartment where their pet might go unnoticed.

Check through the slide show below to see some of the exotic pets these realtors have had to deal with.  

  • Jaguar 1 of 8
    One real estate broker came to check out a space and was greeted by a jaguar. The owner told her "Don't worry, he doesn't bite." Hello! It's a jaguar! They bite!

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  • Wolves 2 of 8
    Note the plural. One realtor had a client on the Upper West Side who had a pack of wolves in his co-op! He was actually able to keep his neighbors from knowing until the wolves began howling at the full moon. The man had to take his wolves and move. No word on where, which hopefully doesn't mean a surprise for any of you.

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  • Kangaroo 3 of 8
    Bet you weren't expecting that one. Broker Ryan Serhant was charged with the task of finding his client a duplex so there would be a floor for the client and one for the kangaroo. Said client viewed his kangaroo like his child. Serhant wasn't successful so the man and his kangaroo are still living on the down low in Tribeca.

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  • Snake 4 of 8
    No one in this article mentioned a snake, but probably because that wasn't unique enough. But, snake ownership is way up and all those people have to live somewhere.

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  • Teacup Pigs 5 of 8
    Teacup Pigs
    Realtor Ryan Serhant takes exotic pets in stride and doesn't mind helping clients find homes that will also work for their pets. After all, he personally goes home to a teacup pig. Ownership of these types of pigs is also on the rise.

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  • Alligator 6 of 8
    It's hard to confirm the official numbers, but online pet retailer VetDepot says ownership of alligators, snakes and kangaroos is at a national all-time high.

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  • Chimpanzee 7 of 8
    If you see a New Yorker going in and out of her apartment building with a hairy, not-so-pretty baby, this may be the reason. As long as the chimp keeps quiet, who will ever know the truth?

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  • Tiger 8 of 8
    This tiger is clearly just waiting for the mailman to deliver the mail so he can carry it in for his owner. I am sure he would never try to make one of the neighbors his snack.

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