Of Course There’s a Monkey Riding a Dog, Why Wouldn’t There Be? (Video)

This monkey is daydreaming of his future in the rodeo. A place where no one will laugh at him if he wants to wear chaps and a cowboy hat.

One hand, this is a pretty cute video.  Who doesn’t think a little monkey wearing chaps, dressed for the rodeo is just darling?  No one, that’s who. But, really? What will people think of next? Thankfully, neither the dog nor the monkey involved look unhappy with the game, but I think the dog is messing with the monkey a little bit.  He keeps pretending the ride is over, but it’s not.

I can’t be sure, but there seems to be some goats running around in the background?  Are they supposed to be the rodeo clowns?  And, just throwing this out there, but what do you think the chances are that a cat would play along with this?


Watch below for a few giggles and some cuteness.

Featured image credit – Flickr/Razvan Orendovici

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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