Oh, Baby! 15 Dogs With Their Binkies

If you ask your average pet owner whether their dogs are part of their family, the majority will say yes, their precious pups are just like their kids. And whether we have human children or not, more dogs today are treated as children.

We buy them clothes, Halloween costumes, organic pet food, and put them in doggy daycare when we can’t be around. Dogs dress in baby clothes and some even ride in strollers.

But would you give your dog a binky? Does s/he even need one or is it just cute to see them with a pacifier? We gotta admit, they do look darn cute! Check out these dogs with their binkies:

  • Love at first bite! 1 of 16
    dogs pacifiers
  • Sweet Sleep 2 of 16
    dogs pacifier

    Babies have the life. Then again, so do I!

    Image: Flickr/ jo's yahoo pics

  • Finders Keepers 3 of 16
    dogs pacifier

    Once it hits the floor, it's mine!

    Image: Flickr/ bgolub 

  • Clever Pup 4 of 16
    dog pacifier

    I don't necessarily like the binky, but when it's in my mouth, I get sooo spoiled!

    Image: Flickr/ trp0

  • Oh Baby 5 of 16
    dogs pacifier

    I am drunk with love on this thing!

    Image: Flickr/ krski19

  • Sharing is Caring 6 of 16
    dogs pacifier

    I can't wait to tell my friends at the dog park about this.

    Image: Flickr/ thequattros94

  • I’m Waiting 7 of 16
    dogs pacifier

    for the flavor to kick in!

    Image: Flcikr/ BigDMN66


  • One Request 8 of 16
    dog pacifier

    Please, don't take it from me. I'm not ready to part ways just yet.

    Image: Flickr/ellie:

  • Puppy Love 9 of 16
    dogs pacifier

    After all, I'm only four months old.

    Image: Flickr/ CPSutcliffe

  • Supersize 10 of 16
    dogs pacifier

    I like them king sized!

    Image: Flickr/Sweet_Neko

  • Pleased Pooch 11 of 16
    dog pacifier

    Wherever did you find this wonderful thing?

    Image: Flickr/Leo, the dog

  • Hold On! 12 of 16
    dog pacifier

    I'll trade the baby my bone for this thing. Just ask!

    Image: Flickr/Chewy, the Brindle Puggle

  • Sacrifices 13 of 16
    dogs pacifier

    Oh, I'll endure this get-up just to keep the binky for later on!

    Image: Flickr/ istolethetv

  • You Know What They Say 14 of 16
    dogs pacifier

    Don't knock it till you try it!

    Image: Flickr/stetson2007

  • Fair and Square 15 of 16
    dog pacifier

    If he gets one, so do I!

    Image: Flickr/Mini-DV

  • That Face 16 of 16
    dog pacifier

    This binky was made for me!

    Image: Imgur

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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