Oh My! 15 Dogs in Bras

It started out as a joke. My oldest daughter dressed our black Lab, Django, in a bra. Django came running downstairs and I noticed a hot pink brassiere attached to her shoulders. It was funny and unexpected to imagine Django having to wear a bra.

As ladies, we know the trials and tribulations that come with bras: bra shopping, bearing an-ill fitted bra, and everything in between. It turns out that the doggie world can relate (or maybe we would like them to!).

It also turns out that many other people besides my nutty daughter really like to dress up our dogs in these specific undergarments.

Check out 15 photos of dogs in bras…including Django’s best pose!

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    dog bras
  • Monday 2 of 16
    dog bra

    I know I gotta put it on. I just don't want to!

    Image: Flickr/ MarcellaLove

  • So What? 3 of 16
    dog bra

    As if you've never stuffed before?

    Image: Flickr/ San Diego Shooter

  • It’s Been A Helluva Day 4 of 16
    dog bra

    I can barely manage to undress.

    Image: Flickr/Alisocali

  • Functional Unit 5 of 16
    dog bra

    These almost drown out the annoying Chihuahua down the hall.

    Image: Flickr/Laura Ann2011

  • Centerfold Material 6 of 16
    dog bra

    C'mon Dog Fancy, I know you'll be calling.

    Image: Flickr/ksderose

  • Bark of Shame 7 of 16
    dog bra

    Hey, I may have woken up like this, but I'm still a lady!

    Image: Flickr/ S.o.L.e

  • Size Matters 8 of 16
    dogs in bras

    So what if it's a little small. Can I keep it?

    Image: Flickr/ NotSoUsual

  • Caught In The Act 9 of 16
    dog bra

    I cannot lie. I was gonna take it back to show my boys them and brag ... but just a little.

    Image: Flickr/amus P!

  • Double D’s 10 of 16
    dog bra

    It was a two for one sale. What do you think?

    Image: Flickr/ icandothefrug

  • Full Protection 11 of 16
    dog bra

    The only way I'll strap on this contraption is as a helmet!

    Image: Flickr/Lauren O'Malley-Singh

  • Hungover 12 of 16
    dog bra

    That was some night!

    Image: Flickr/ gomezzz 

  • My Style 13 of 16
    dog bra

    I'm a party gal after all.

    Image: Flickr/J.Wu

  • It’s Too Pretty 14 of 16
    dog bra wear under clothes.

    Image: Flickr/ Susan's Adventures

  • Repentance 15 of 16
    dog bra

    I'm sorry I chewed the other half but if it's any consolation, I can use this in the winter.

    Image: Flickr/ Susan's Adventures

  • The Bra That Started It All 16 of 16
    dog bra

    While Django is not a fan of the bra, she sure is a compliant model.

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