Our New Kitten Gmork is Settling In Nicely

Life has been so much fun with our new kitten Gmork! I swear kittens remind me so much of having a toddler in the house again and that’s so what Gmork has been like. He’s full of energy and love, and watching him explore new things has been great!

The first few days he was home, I wondered how we were ever going to get sleep again. He was so full of energy and I feared for my safety (not seriously) when we were sleeping. He would run around our heads and those claws of his are sharp. As time went on though and he became more familiar with the chaos and noise around here, he’s calmed down a lot. I’ve noticed that when the kids are all in school (which happens a few times a week), he tends to sleep more during the day and is a lot more calm. When the kids are home, his energy level seems to match theirs and he’s running up the walls (kind of literally).

I am so enjoying having two cats back in the house and the cuddles this one gives are just so sweet. He’s the most aggressive cuddler I’ve ever met and he’s totally settling into our family nicely.

Click through to see some photos of Gmork being is fun and cute self:

  • Life with My Kitten 1 of 6

    Gmork is really settling in and it's hard to imagine what it was like around here before he was home. 

  • Gmork and Ariel 2 of 6

    The two are starting to play together really well and this is the closest I've caught them sleeping. I am hoping soon they will get really close and cuddle.

  • Gmork Makes it Challenging to Work 3 of 6

    I work from home and this little guy loves to hang out on top of my keyboard. Such a typical cat, right?

  • Flirty 4 of 6

    He, unlike Ariel, loves to have his belly rubbed and will flirt around to get anyone to do it.

  • What? He’s Sleeping? 5 of 6

    He has so much energy it's hard to catch him actually sleeping, but he's never far from me when he is.

  • My Little Cuddle Bug 6 of 6

    I need to put my feet up a lot during the day on account of being 7 months pregnant with my fourth child and Gmork loves to cuddle my bump.

Photo credits: ©  Devan McGuinness | Instagram


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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