Pappy, a "Bait Dog" Rescued With Jar Stuck On His Head

When I first moved to the West Philly area in 1986, I’d never heard of “bait dogs” or even, really, “pit bulls.” So I didn’t realize I put my dog an adorably fluffy shepherd mix named Misty that weighed about 50 pounds at risk by tying her leash to a post outside of a store when I ran in to pick up a soda.

When I came out of the story, two boys were unsuccessfully trying to undo the leash and one had Misty in a choke hold. I hollered bloody murder, and the boys ran off. I called the police (hey, I was kind of innocent when I moved to Philly) and that’s when they told me that it was highly likely she was being stolen to sell to dog fighting rings as a bait dog.

Bait dogs are smallish dogs that are usually cut open to create a blood scent and then tossed into a ring for fighting dogs to “practice” on. They are often mauled to death eventually (they are used more than once if they survive) or die of infection.

It’s horrible, just as horrible as it is to train dogs to make their owners happy by fighting. There is nothing good about dog fights. It’s all horrible.

Pappy, here, was found wandering the streets in Texas. It’s likely the jar was put on his head to keep him from being able to defend himself against the dogs attacking him, and he was wounded in the foot by what looks like a knife. Luckily, Pappy was rescued and taken to a vet hospital to get help, and will soon be adopted into a new loving home.

But we need to all work toward ending the massive cruelty to animals that is dog fighting. And soon.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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