Patriotic Pets Celebrate Flag Day

Patriotic cat is not amused (but I am).

Happy Flag Day! Check out these patriotic pets posing in all their red, white, and blue glory. And really, what better way to celebrate America than putting funny hats on animals?

I can’t say I recommend trying all of these at home; I’m pretty sure my cat would try to scratch my eyeballs out if I attempted to put a little hat on him.


  • Patriotic like Rambo 1 of 20
    Patriotic like Rambo
    This cat is very clearly patriotic and adores Flag Day. Also very clear is the fact that he is going to kill the photographer in about 15 seconds.
    (Photo Credit: BuzzFeed)
  • So. Much. Adorable. 2 of 20
    So. Much. Adorable.
    Eee! I used to have a miniature dachshund, and I swear she actually liked getting dressed up.
    (Photo Credit: Off-Beat Earth)
  • Happy Dog, Happy Flag Day 3 of 20
    Happy Dog, Happy Flag Day
    Also might be about to break into 'Sweet Adeline.'
    (Photo Credit: Off-Beat Earth)
  • Oh. My. Gah. 4 of 20
    Oh. My. Gah.
    Um, that's just freaking adorable.
    (Photo Credit: Best Week Ever)
  • Proud to be an American. 5 of 20
    Proud to be an American.
    Amazing how this dog makes this whole look seem dignified.
    (Photo Credit: Austin Pets Alive)
  • Kittens. They Don’t Know Enough to Kill You, Yet. 6 of 20
    Kittens. They Don't Know Enough to Kill You, Yet.
    It's sweet how kittens haven't quite learned to be offended by being made to wear hats.
    (Photo Credit: Off-Beat Earth)
  • That awkward moment 7 of 20
    That awkward moment
    When your friend brings his pet pig to your barbecue.
    (Photo Credit: Best Week Ever)
  • Oh, say can you see… 8 of 20
    Oh, say can you see...
    Kitty is either singing the national anthem or screaming to have the pom-poms taken off his neck.
    (Photo Credit: Best Week Ever)
  • Hoppy Flag Day 9 of 20
    Hoppy Flag Day
    I like the rakish air this tilted hat look gives the bunny.
    (Photo Credit: Best Week Ever)
  • When your kids won’t wear the cute headbands anymore… 10 of 20
    When your kids won't wear the cute headbands anymore...
    just put them on your dog, I guess.
    (Photo Credit: Seattle Dog Spot)
  • These dogs are versatile. 11 of 20
    These dogs are versatile.
    I bet they can also rock those Dr. Seuss hats on Read Across America Day.
    (Photo Credit: Pets Castle)
  • Llama Drama 12 of 20
    Llama Drama
    You're never too big for a fun hat. Apparently.
    (Photo Credit: Best Week Ever)
  • Please tell me this is Photoshopped. 13 of 20
    Please tell me this is Photoshopped.
    This can't be real, right? I mean, it's not like cats like to sit around and be painted to look like some kind of feline Captain America. Right? Please?
    (Photo Credit: ione)
  • Patriotic Cat is not amused. 14 of 20
    Patriotic Cat is not amused.
    Bombs are not bursting in mid-air. They are in your shoes.
    (Photo Credit: Fark)
  • Sweet. 15 of 20
    There's something a little Betty Grable about these dogs.
    (Photo Credit: Dog Guide)
  • Hurry up with that hotdog bun, pal. 16 of 20
    Hurry up with that hotdog bun, pal.
    Patriotic squirrel would like to take a swipe through your trash cans now, please.
    (Photo Credit: Best Week Ever)
  • Well, who doesn’t love a hat? 17 of 20
    Well, who doesn't love a hat?
    You know, besides this guy?
    (Photo Credit: Pampered Whiskers)
  • Tiny hat for the win. 18 of 20
    Tiny hat for the win.
    This is the difference between dogs and cats. This guy looks absolutely delighted with his look.
    (Photo Credit: Dog Guide)
  • And tiny dog for the win. 19 of 20
    And tiny dog for the win.
    Nice job on the crafting of this little guy's hat.
    (Photo Credit: Just One More Pet)
  • And bringing up the rear of the parade… 20 of 20
    And bringing up the rear of the parade...
    He may have a hard time keeping up in the parade, but he's still flying the colors. You go, dude.
    (Photo Credit: Best Week Ever)

(Photo Credit: Fark)

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