Guess What – Today Is World Penguin Day! (Like I Need An Excuse To Look At Penguins)

I am learning all sorts of new things with this job here on Babble Pets, like today is World Penguin Day. According to Holiday Insights, World Penguin Day is celebrated every April 25th and it coincides with  the annual northward migration of penguins. Unlike “regular” birds, penguins migrate by walking — well waddling, to their spring breeding sites and it seems to happen every year around this time.

I have a huge love-on for penguins and if I could, I would wish one for a pet (although, I don’t want it to be as cold as they would need). They are my favorite animal and the sound they make is the second best sound in the world (after my kids laughing) and I do not need any more of an excuse to share adorable photos of them.

Click through to see 10 too-cute-for-words penguins and learn 10 interesting facts about them:

  • Many Species 1 of 10
    Many Species
    There are 18 different species of penguin around the world.
    Photo credit: Keith Riley-Whittingham on Flickr
  • They Mate For Life, Mostly 2 of 10
    They Mate For Life, Mostly
    Many of the penguin species are monogamous and stay with the same partner for several breeding season, or life. They also co-parent their eggs and chicks.
    Source: Tennessee Aquarium
    Photo credit: WisconsinKow on Flickr
  • Krill, fish and Squid 3 of 10
    Krill, fish and Squid
    That is the main diet of the penguins. Closer to the equator they eat more fish and closer to Antarctica they eat more squid and krill.
    Photo credit: Magnus Bråth on Flickr
  • They Are Waterproof 4 of 10
    They Are Waterproof
    Penguins 'preen' their feathers very carefully in order to maintain insulation and waterproofing.
    Photo credit: jeremydeades on Flickr
  • Can Hold Their Breath 5 of 10
    Can Hold Their Breath
    Penguins are able to stay under water for 15 to 20 minutes and dive as deep as 275 feet (900 meters).
    Source: Technology Studies in Research
    Photo credit: symonty on Flickr
  • They “Fly”, But Underwater 6 of 10
    They "Fly", But Underwater
    The structure of a penguins wing has evolved for swimming, rather than flying in the traditional sense.
    Source: Ocean Service
    Photo credit: hans s on Flickr
  • They Are OLD 7 of 10
    They Are OLD
    A penguin in the wild can live 15-20 years.
    Photo credit: wwarby on Flickr
  • The Males Care For the Eggs 8 of 10
    The Males Care For the Eggs
    For Emperor penguins, the males are the ones who take care of the eggs until they hatch, incubating through the winter while the female penguins are away at sea.
    Photo credit: Paolo Camera on Flickr
  • Rockhopper Penguins 9 of 10
    Rockhopper Penguins
    These are the smallest of the penguin species measuring only 21.5 inches and weighing no more then 5.5 pounds.
    Source: Technology Studies in Research
    Photo credit: scoobygirl on Flickr
  • Fast Swimmers 10 of 10
    Fast Swimmers
    Penguins can swim up to 12 mph (20 kph).
    Source: Technology Studies in Research
    Photo credit: Derek Keats on Flickr


Photo credit: WisconsinKow on Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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