Penguin Slap Fight and They Still Look Classy

penguinIf you were to ask me what my favorite animal on the planet was, I bet you would think I would answer back with cat. I mean, I talk about them a lot and am open about my forever-love for the cute cats, but there is one animal above the awesome list.

The penguin.

I don’t exactly know when my love for penguins started, but I swear if it was legal to have one or 100, I would freeze my house just to keep them comfortable. I love the way they look, the fact they can’t fly, the fun squaks they make and they just seem like a classy bunch.

In this funny video uploaded by YouTube user ViralMove, we see what appears to be a slapping fight between two King Penguins. They move around, flapping their wings, getting a few hits in and yet, they still carry themselves with an air of classiness. Keep it classy penguins!

Photo credit: screenshot ViralMove /YouTube
Source: YouTube


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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