People Are Spending More Money Than Ever On Their Pets

ID-10087564It seems the cost of living is getting more expensive with each year that passes and that’s been hitting everything — even when it comes to our pets.

A report put together by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) says that pet spending is at an all-time high, estimated to be $58.5 Billion in Spending in 2014, up 4.6% from last year.

Where is all that extra spending going?

While rising cost of food prices and healthier food trend has driven the estimated amount spent on pet food up by 4.9 percent to $22.62 Billion, and the amount spent in the “Live Animal Purchases” category went down 1.8 percent,  the most surprising category is the estimated rise for “other services”.

“Other services” category includes items such as grooming, boarding, and other luxury services for the more fancy pets. It seems more and more people are treating their pets as real members of the family — like children — and they’re willing to fork out the money to give their pets the best of the best.

What are some examples of products and services that fit under the “other category”? Here are a few that show the trend of going above and beyond for our pets:

Dog House Air Conditioner

We have air conditioning in the house so why not one for your dog’s house? The ClimateRight™ is a portable air conditioner for your pets that takes the environment in mind too.
Want one for your pet? Check out the ClimateRight™ , $529.

Activity Monitor

We all have our FitBit watches and monitors that tracks all our steps and calories and so of if you’re health conscious, you probably are for your dogs too.
Want one for your pet? Check out Whistle Activity Monitor, $129.95.

Dog Sitting

Parents often seek the help of babysitting services and finders when they’re looking to get away for a night or even longer and they have them for dog parents too. DogVacay is a company that helps you find a local dog boarding where you know your dog will be taken care of — they will even send you a daily photo so you can vacation worry-free
Check out DogVacay to find a local sitter for your pup.

Weighted Clothes for Anxiety

I love weighted clothes and some people really find it helps if they’re anxious or extra stressed out to put on a blanket or vest that pack some extra pressure. Dogs have anxiety too and why should they be left out of the comfort measure of pressure? The Thundershirt is made just for your anxious dog in a comfortable vest for them to wear.
Want one for your pet? Check out the Thundershirt, $39.95.

Pheromones for Pets

We hear about pheromones, but we can’t smell them as well as our pets and their super-sensitive noses can. If your dog or cat is exhibiting behaviors like stress, scratching, urinating on your things, or begging — maybe ComfortZone® is what your pet needs.
Want to learn more and pick one up for your pet? Check out ComfortZone®, $26.99

Cremation + Keepsake Jewelry 

Pets really are a part of the family and when the time comes and they pass away, we feel a real and true loss. When my cats passed away, we chose to have them cremated and others who do the same feel comfort in having keepsake jewelry made from their ashes. If that’s your thing, Faithful Forever Pet Loss Care has a wide range of products and services with you in mind.

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