Pet Donkey Saves Lives In Colorado Wildfires

Ellie lets some veterinary students pamper her.

Ellie, they’re saying, saved them all.

According to a report, a female donkey left to fend for herself along with another donkey and four draft horses is being bestowed with the title of hero after her family attributes all six animal’s surviving the Colorado wildfires due to Ellie’s wit and wisdom.

It seems that when encroaching flames crept up to the boarding facility where Ellie was staying, swift evacuation was called for.

The family that runs the facility had very little time to get out.

They notified Ellie’s owners, Greg and Michele Van Hare, but that couple wasn’t able to get through the roadblocks that had been set in place.

Then, as reports, the animal’s fate was left to the wild winds.

“We’re going to trust in God”, Michael Van Hare told his family as they prepared themselves to lose their beloved donkey.

But, the future has a way of doing whatever the heck it wants to do, and when the area was later deemed safe enough for rescuers to head in, they were surprised to find Ellie and her friends standing huddled together in the middle of a pasture.

“Ellie walked right up to one of the rescuers and put her head against his chest,” says a rescuer.

And to lift the legend of this fire-proof gal to even greater heights, according to the piece,”… the rescuers were convinced that Ellie, a ‘very smart donkey’ who often leads the other animals and takes charge of situations with them, had kept her buddies calm and close during the three day ordeal.”

What a lady.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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