Pet Rescues During Hurricane Sandy (Photos)

Pet Rescues During Hurricane Sandy (Photos) via Babble
Lucky pup Bodhi 

Thousands of pet owners are desperate to get back to their pets in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. While it was advised that before a natural disaster occurs, you should always take your pet with you, some owners were stranded either at work or had to be rescued themselves and became separated from their beloved animals. Take it from me, the flood waters rose incredibly fast and became life-threatening in minutes.

At the moment, there is no way to determine just how many pets are missing or stranded, but hopefully the numbers will not reach anywhere the near 250,000 estimated pets that were lost during Hurricane Katrina. Since the Katrina disaster, many east coast shelters have allowed people to bring their pets, which was at least one positive thing to come from learning from our mistakes when natural disasters hit.

Niki Dawson, director of disaster services for the Humane Society of the United States says in a piece that many animals were saved due to shelters being animal friendly:

“Up until actual storm conditions started, we had heard of literally hundreds of animal-friendly shelters opening. Pets were either being welcomed at human shelters, or other resources were being provided if human shelters didn’t welcome pets.”

Yet, there are countless people who are trying their best to get back to their homes to rescue their pets. Incidentally, there are still people trying to reach family and others who drowned trying to rescue their family and pets.

One of the best sights during these horrific few days has been the photos of many dogs being loaded onto rescue boats and trucks.

Here are just a few pet rescue photos that warm our hearts during this devastating time.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to every pet owner who is still searching for their pet.


  • Hats off to first responders 1 of 6
    Hats off to first responders
    who did a phenomenal job rescuing pets all over.
    Image: Flickr/ wzohaib
  • Humane Society also rules… 2 of 6
    Humane Society also rules...
    The Humane Society rescued animals in many evacuation areas. Luckily, this cute pup, Bohdi was not in an evacuation zone and able to stay with his owners through the whole ordeal.
    Image: Humane Society
  • Kudos to the American Red Cross 3 of 6
    Kudos to the American Red Cross
    ...who know that pets are part of our family.
    Image: American Red Cross
  • National Guard 4 of 6
    National Guard
    These men and women worked tirelessly hoisting owners and pets into their vehicles and rescued hundreds from high water.
    Image: National Guard
  • Safety 5 of 6
    Pets were allowed to stay in their own cages in shelters.
    Image: American Red Cross
  • Reciprocal Feeling 6 of 6
    Reciprocal Feeling
    We humans were just as comforted by our pets these past fews day as vice versa.
    Image: American Red Cross

Image: iStock


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